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Boyzone-No Matter What

Love Bug by Jonas Brothers

You probably didn’t know that I am starting to be a huge fan of the Jonas Brothers [no homo =P]

They are pretty good, young guys with a twist of an older taste in rock, it’s awesome!  I especially like “When I Look You In The Eye,” don’t know how old it is or maybe it’s fairly new.  

If you guys have a favorite youtube or google videos that you like to share, please leave the code or the link in the comment box provided below and I will incorporate them on this Video page.  It could be music as well.  Well, you can post the reply under the Music page that you can find on the tabs above the blog pages.

Thank you all for watching and stay tuned for more (Jonas brothers) videos, he he.



The listing of video players that I listed below is from a newsletter on  I kind of agreed to their recommendations so I am sharing them with you now.  Check them out…

The List of Six Video Sharing Sites useful for the Travel and Tourism Industry:

Vimeo lets you upload 30 MB per month. It met all of our basic requirements and we enjoyed using. It had an easy to use interface that let us manager our collection very easily. Sharing and imbedding was painliess. You can link directly to a clip or embed it into your website.

Youtube limits your videos to a whopping 100MB per upload. It offers good tagging, keywords, links. Easy to stream to your website. Quality questionable at time (probably because the site gets so much traffic).

Google Video is one of our favorites for embedding into websites. Seemed fast, accepts larger files, and one of our favorite in terms of quality and use.

Buzznet combines photosharing, blogging and video sharing into one bloggy feeling website. If you want to share photos and videos and blog from the same site, Buzznet is for you. Videoblogging anyone? We like the way they give you your own URL for all of your activity. You can link directly to a clip

Grouper – simple link seems to be easy to add to description. easy to do. comment, tagging and full sharing and linking to your website. YOu can linkdirectly to a clip or a group of clips as well.. is pretty good. Blogging, tagging, comment license recognition, video, special url. You can build your own little video blog with a customized url like “” You can also link to individual video clips.

This is what he added at the end of his article:

“If you are trying to decide which one is right for you:”

  • Vimeo is what I would recommend to a small business owner for pure ease of use and functions.
  • I like Google for embedding… I have confidence in the servers and bandwidth.
  • was perhaps the most powerful, but a bit geekier. We liked the nice URLs they generated.
  • YouTube is best for generating views on its own and has the hugest community.
  • Buzznet is one we are fond of, despite all the recommendations above.

Other Video sharing sites that we demoed, but didn’t make our cut, include:Yahoo VideoCastpostOurmediaDailymotionEyespot and Jumpcut.

If you want to find our more, check out the following:

Top 16 “Flickr for Video” Websites


How WordPress Changed My Life

This is truly an inspirational video that gave me the urge to share it with you guys.  This is a life story of this one lady who had set an example to many people in how to effectively communicate with people around the world inspite of the said obstacles.  I am sharing this video with everyone to, hopefully, send a special message and to help people overcome their own obstacles.  Doesn’t have to be similar to what this person on the video had experienced or is experiencing, but to give you an idea on how to cope up with everyday living and how to free your mind when things get hectic or unbearable.  Blogging, especially on WordPress, really does do all of that!  It gives you that freedom to express yourself to the world with ease.  Find some free time, write and share what’s on your mind, and you’ll never know how much difference you can bring to people, just like this wonderful person on the video.

Take some time to watch it and share that same inspiration that she had shown to us and trust me, you will feel really good inside.  Got plenty of time to be in the chat rooms talking to people about your daily activities?  Well, it’s about time that you should write them as well so more people can hear or read about the fun things that you do in life.  Blogging is so much fun, that’s why I do it and so do millions of people around the world.

So…sit back and enjoy!  (A few other videos that are worth sharing will appear on the menu at the end of the video)




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  1. Ron08 said

    Hey peeps…why not send your youtube and google video links on here so I can post it on the Video page? If you have nothing to say or not a commentor, that’s the least you can do, hehe. See you guys in the chat <333333.

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