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Chat Moderators Trouble

Posted by Ron08 on February 26, 2009

Yes indeed!  Lots of new moderators or mods for short who are having troubles and personal issues towards each other.  A few clicks, a lot of jealousies, and some disrespect towards myself as the chat room host and towards my assistants.

A portion of my active moderators in both the chat and our site.

A portion of my active moderators in both the chat and our site.

Issues against one person that grew out of hand and cause those people to lose their privileges as mods in the chat.  They’re good people but hey, what can I do?  They decided to take their hatreds to this person on the next level and not listen to my advices.  Simple solution…I asked them to leave and kept the person that they were hating infront of everyone in the room and on the entire site.  Very embarassing and disturbing to our new users and regulars alike.

People need to realize that I have a motto in the room which is “OneV01cE” meaning, One Intention, One accord, One Love, One Final Decision, One Voice.  What do these mean?  It’s simple…you can even take the literal meaning to each phrase and you will know what I am trying to relay.  If someone is having  a problem in following my simple instruction and the simple house rule, then that certain someone is not in One Voice with me and my other room officials, therefore, he or she does not need to moderate for the room.

Some of them have created their own chat room, which is good?  But what makes it bad is that their daily topics are the same thing;  all about this one person in my chat and all about me.  Makes me laugh, really!  O well…I don’t consider those people a loss if they don’t show maturity.  But then again, they are pretty young that’s why I am still trying to be a little more understanding (just don’t push my limit =p).

This is what I am going to say about that and I hope everything will stop or my further step would be to ban everyone from coming back to SHOW N TELL chat and that would be the end of it.  Thank you all for understanding and by reading this post, I hope that all your questions have been answered.  Please leave your comment and opinion abou this and I will try to answer each of you if you still have questions and concerns.

I <3 SNT


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Older SNT Crew Slide

Posted by Ron08 on September 28, 2008


Fairly old slide that I made over a year ago. There’s quite a few more MODS now. Sorry, I didn’t wanna add people on here. I plan on making a newer slide with the added mods, so just be patient for it 😉 

I ask that if you have a favorite photo that you want me to use, please send it to my msn or to my Stickam profile inbox and I will use it, otherwise, it will be the photos that you have on your profile. I believe you can send html’s through the comment box below this post. Just click on the title and it will take you to the page with the comment box. Pretty self explanatory after that.

Enjoy the slide…


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