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2 Responses to “Intros”

  1. Ron08 said

    I guess I will start this page up. Name’s Ron Jeremiah (not my family name) and I am the host for this wonderful chat room on called SHOW N TELL, with a bit of design to it. I am a social networks fan and a member of pretty much all the popular websites like MySpace, Bebo, Facebook and of course, just to name a few.
    I am currently living in Hawaii, grew up in So. Cal and had a few college ed, AA, to be exact. I will be taking my IT and web designing courses (once I decide when and where)really soon to make them as my professions.
    My passion really is to host a really fun and big social networking site and I will be naming it…well, I’d like to keep it a secret for now ;-). Just stay tuned for the information as to when I will start publishing it to the WWW.
    So, there you are…just to sum up a few.
    Feel free to write anything about you, your passion, your daily activities that you think are worth sharing to our peers in this COMMUNIT-e.
    See you guys on other pages of this blog!


  2. justinrocker said

    What’s up SnT family and friends. I’m Justin i’ve been a moderator and member of stickam around 3 years now. I just want to share a little of my personal life with you. i will be 27 on april 28 2009. i have a beautiful 2 yo son named Jonathan. i am raising him alone because my wife Paula passed away giving labor to our son. some days are rough as hell and some are really good i guess thats life right? But one thing that really lifts my spirits when i’m down is chilling with the awesome friends i’ve made on stickam. some really cool friends i’ve made and have known a few years now are NYCmade, JoNeS,RATY, and of course our fearless leader Ron<3. I am also retired from the USMC combat logistics. I currently work for the county coroner as a CSI. ANYTHING YOU WANNA KNOW ABOUT MYSELF OR SnT just hit me up. you can also find my MSN on my stickam profile! much love to everyone and especially to my [onevoice] family<33333333

    -Justin [JT]

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