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  1. jai18 said

    moderator abuse…i was just kicked out of show n tell chat by amanda aka sugah momma..i was joking in the room with a guy who had a colts hat on we were teasing each other…sugah was apparently trumatized soo bad that i was teasing user ”langy” that she started cussing me and bullying me in the chat then used her mod to kick me you know i’m a regular and i wasnt spamming the room or nude on cam..if i’m not mistaken amanda has lost her mod a few times in the past for acting like this. we were teasing each other the guy could have used the ”ignore user ” button if he chose to but he was teasing me also funny how veteran mod JoNeS WAS IN THE ROOM TOO AND SAW NO NEED TO KICK ME! u know i think sugah needs to take another vacation because shes up to her old game of starting drama in the room then using her mod to kick their was no need for her to enter our teasing convo over a stupid colts football cap…amanda grow up and stop abusing your mod already!!! Jai

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