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Inspired by’s most well-known chat room community!

Chat Room Ext.

Get SHOWnTELLext2 chat group | Goto SHOWnTELLext2 website

These are some of the most active SNT moderators that I included in this photo. I ask all of the mods and regs to update your profiles with photos so I can add you guys on the next slide that I am about to make.

[Please CLICK On The Image Below To Head To The Main SHOW N TELL Room, Thanks!]

Click To CHAT Live!

Please check back soon for more!


3 Responses to “Chat Room Ext.”

  1. Ron08 said

    Ayeeee, SNT friends & lovers!
    Just giving you this link so you can save or bookmark it. This is where I will be posting the latest link if we will ever need a new link when our chat room crashes or gets reset. Please help me to give the link out to our mods on your msn or messenger contacts to make the process of announcement faster.
    Thank you all for your help and for keeping our community alive for almost 2 years now! Great job everyone!


  2. juveebait said

    lalala its gd to be a part of this family <3333
    much love and respect <3333

  3. justinrocker said

    sounds good brother hope u have an awesome weeekend see ya in the room…r u still sittin on that ”hardwood”? <333333333333

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