SHOW N TELL Communit-e Blog

Inspired by’s most well-known chat room community!


The contents of this blog will be a lot about the SHOW N TELL Chat Room community or communit-e for this matter, on and whatever the authors or the writers may add that could pertain to what we chat or discuss about when we are in the chat room.  It could be about a youtube video that  a certain individual had shared in the room, or the infamous spammers or envious people who come in on a daily basis and crash or lag the room, or a certain regular or moderator who finds someone special or someone interesting on Stickam or more importantly, in the chat room, or anything that could interest the readers or viewers within the community.

I will be looking for contributors, writers, and/or admin assistants to help me moderate and maintain this blog on a daily basis.  If you have the passion in writing, photography, gaming, or blogging in general, please contact us on here and leave your needed info in the box provided below.

Just a quick info on SHOW N TELL ChatSHOW N TELL or SNT has been up and running since the late part of February, 2007.  I created this chat room after I became a moderator for this one room which was managed by a guy called Diecast, which is now nonexistent.  I had a few people with me that used to come to my live room who came in and joined me to start this chat that I named DaSailorsLounge, then later became TheLOUNGE, and eventually became SHOW N TELL then KISS N TELL and back to SHOW N TELL up to the present.  Now there are over 140 active moderators or MODS and growing and a few co-hosts who help me remod everyone in the event that the room resets or crashes. 

Some people who come in the room would say it’s just a chat room, why be so serious and strict about things?  Uh uhhh…not SHOW N TELL!  This chat room is a community of friends that I consider and I’m sure my mods and co-hosts feel the same way.  Otherwise, they wouldn’t be around helping me to keep the peace and keep it fun and interesting for everyone.  This is how I came up with the blog name, SHOW N TELL Communit-e (clever, I know ;-)).

Well guys…stay tuned for more posts as I recruit more and more contributors to make this blog a success!

Thank you for reading and we will be waiting for your comments and suggestions.  Have a fun time chatting and reading!

-Ron Jeremiah-


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