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Posted by Ron08 on April 15, 2009



Favorite Movies: 
gladiator, saving private ryan, the 13th warrior, lord of the rings, capotte, usual suspects, copy cat,

Favorite TV Shows: 
Who needs a tv show, get all the action on stickam.

Favorite Music: 
rap, r&b, rock, techno depends on the mood

Favorite Books: 
in cold blood and art of war.

I Love: 
chilling, kicking it with friends i guess im like that biggie song, party and bullshit. Gaming, competing.

I Hate: 
no-one , people are who they are. everyone comes with flaws if you cant overlook it then maybe you need to look at yourself more closely instead of hating someone else.

Fatty da K1d! – fattydakid aka Rick is a cool guy. never involves himself with the dramas but only with the baby mamas heh. Everyone likes him actually, who doesn’t? Cuz I will permakick ha. Stickam Player is too big for the box so i grabbed his twitter updates :-). Follow him on twitter if you guys got one.

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