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Pretty Awesome Photo, I think ;-)

Posted by Ron08 on October 9, 2008

See the self-made dimple ? 😉

Just thought I’d update the chat room regulars and moderators with how their “cool” host looks like at the present time, he he.
I took this shot off of my webcam.  Pretty good quality huh?  Thanks to Stickam…that cam is or was a gift to me from Stickam.
So, speaking of an updated photo…I hope that you got yours updated too, so I can feature you on the next slideshow or gallery
that I will be creating.  I will be stealing them from your Stickam profile or your messenger display pic.
Ciao for now and hope to see you all in the room real soon!  Remember, tomorrow, Friday, is our Modding night.  Keep an eye
on the prospective candidates, which so far, are snowboaaaard420 aka Dustin, daniele nicole, JeBuS, and Ghost aka Dave.

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