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What Is Your Opinion About Our Chat Room?

Posted by Ron08 on September 27, 2008

Partial SNT Crew!

OK, a lot of people always say that I should not take things too seriously in the chat room when people are deliberately destroying the room and causing troubles on a regular basis because it’s just a chat room or it’s just the internet.  Now let me give you my honest opinion on it.  To me, SHOW N TELL or SNT Chat is truly a community of people or friends and not just a chat room where people come in and out and make fun of each other.  People in the room actually spend hours and hours everyday chatting, sharing their personal lives, talking one on one and all of that good stuff that you normally do with your closest friends in real life (irl).  Some of them even met up and became really good friends and boyfriends and girlfriends.  Does it sound like it’s just an internet still?  I think not!  LOL, so I just laugh at people everytime they give me those comments because they obviously do not have the sense of ownership with SNT as their home chat.  But that’s fine…our chat room has plenty of people, mods and regulars alike, that are dedicated in keeping the peace and the fun times everyday. 

Now I wanna hear from the MODS and the regulars.  What do you think, just an internet, or is it a community to you?  Please base your answer from your own experience and not from what I think or say about this question.  Just be honest, afterall, that’s what we do in our conversations from time to time…we usually open up to each other.  So, let me hear it from you…;-)

Have a great time reading and posting…




8 Responses to “What Is Your Opinion About Our Chat Room?”

  1. nycmade said

    LOve it….Good job……obviously alot of work and thought put into this…thanks buddy.

  2. justinrocker said

    Ron, i agree with my good friend NYC u put alot of effort into this. and I def. view it as a community where i hang out with some really cool friends! it’s like a second family thanks for all you do for us Ron it’s appriciated<333333 JT

  3. maximus213 said

    Beeeeeest chat ever. All kinds of people, all kinds of mods. LOTS of different views, personalities and attitudes. Loooove it!

  4. boljangle said

    fuck yah man i love this chat. ya fuckin rock ron!! <3333333
    keep up the good work :3

  5. crapids said

    I LIKE IT I LOVE IT! i love love love the atmosphere,everyones so nice and welcome when i come in you put alot of effort in to everything u do it turns to gold ron jermiah!;)

  6. xxmisssugaxx said

    Show N Tell Is Great…Setting Aside Lame Drama…I Enjoy Being There..Made Lots Of Cool People There And Had Lots Of Fun Times =]

  7. xxmisssugaxx said

    lol MET*

  8. angelictears1snt said

    Chatroom is very good. Love meeting all the new people there, so if you ever see me give me a wee shout if we havent get spoken! Im friendly..most of the time!! aha

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